Results & Gsllery Now Open
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Tuesday, 31 December 2013 16:20

The OIS 2013 Gallery is now Open

Now Closed



Salon is Now closed and Report Cards have been sent out on

21st October 2013.

If you have not yet received your Report Card please

Contact us


Last year OIS was delighted to run a very successful Exhibition using the Kenebec K-Salon Software to run and manage the Salon. This year we are very pleased again to be the first Salon to use the new Online Entry System feature from Kenebec K-Salon. This new Entry System makes it easy for our entrants to upload images and pay with PayPal. For us, it was incredibly simple to create and install the Kenebec Entry System and no real technical knowledge is required.

OXPHO and the OIS Committee would like to thank Greg Duncan from Kenebec for his hard work and commitment to providing us with the new Entry System in time for our opening.

Bharat Patel  ARPS, DPAGB

2nd Oxford International Salon of Photography

PID, ND & PT 2013/188 L130035


“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense about what is being photographed”  - Ansel Adams

All photographers strive to get that special shot which says it all. We at Oxford Salon would like to provide a platform to showcase the best images from all over the world.

We are proud to offer the 2nd Oxford International Salon of Photography from the world renowned and historical city of Oxford and would like to invite photographers from around the globe to participate in the salon. To be worthy of its name this salon will be run with the intention of becoming one of the best salons on the international circuit. It will be run under the patronage of PSA, FIAP and UPI and will have 3 sections  – Open (including Monochrome and Creative), Photo Travel and Nature (including Wildlife). Please note that for our Open section the PSA patronage is from Colour Projected Image Division and includes Monochrome (PID), Nature section from PSA - ND and Photo Travel from PSA - PTD.

The 2nd Oxford Salon anticipates the acceptance rate will be approximately 30% of all images.

There will be 12 awards in each section plus a number of Honourable Mentions. Medals will include PSA, FIAP, UPI and OIS gold, silver and bronze.

Digital show

All prize-winning images and a selection of acceptances will be shown publicly at:

Witney Photo Group on 26th November 2013

Oxford Photographic Society on 3rd December 2013


Google Translate

Every page on this website now carries a link to the Google Translate facility in the middle of the header image. This offers an almost instant translation from English to a choice of over 50 languages. The quality of translation will vary and some languages produce better results than others.

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